Terms and Conditions

By registering to use, and gaining access to the members area, you accept the following conditions:

1. will not use or share any of the personal details that you use to register on the website.

- Security information will not be shared with any other members
- All passwords stored are encrypted
- Your information will never be used for any form of marketing / sold to marketing agencies

2. do not store payment information within the site - All payments made via the site are made via the PayPal facility.
3. Registration to the website will see you automatically opted in to recieve emails and messages from administrators of the website.
4. All photos posted within the website galleries are copyright of the original photographer; may use these for promotional material for use within the website and facebook platform.
5. You may receive an email from one of our moderators/admin from time to time perhaps reminding you of rules, or sending a mass email giving information or whats new on the site.
6. You abide by the rules when posting on forums, otherwise, any moderator or admin have the right to revoke your membership at any time.
7. Forum Posting Rules Are:

- That you do not swear, be abusive towards others, or post any form of racism
- You do not post slanderous, leberous, nor offensive messages directed towards any other party
- You only post content that is suitable suitable for a family audience within the general areas of the forum
- You refrain from posting comments intended to provoke fellow members, and to try and get a reaction in order to cause an argument
- The forum may be used at your own discretion, and all information posted on the forum is the responsibility of the poster.
- does not hold any responsibility for anything that is posted on the forum that may cause offence to other members.
-Members should use the English language when posting on the forum where necessary. Shorthand postings are not recommended and should be avoided where possible.
- Members should post messages in the correct board where possible, blatent spam and sharing false information may be removed by the site moderators. Continued abuse may result in the loss of access for the relevant member.
- Private messages should not be aired in the public domain without the consent of the original messenger.

- Admin decision is final; falling foul of any of the above may result in warnings or loss of access being given to the responsible members.
Posts and or threads that are deemed to fall into any of the above categories, may also be removed or filtered.

8. By becoming a member, it gives you no additional right to claim part ownership of and
9. Comments and information found within this web site should by no means be taken as official - most information is that of opinions only, and is not always 100% fact.
10. retains the right to alter any information found within the website without prior notification or consent.
11. Any account may be suspended or removed without notification by any member of the admin team.
12. Any member found to be attempting to or logging in as another member may have there account deleted and IP address blocked from the site.
13. Any member found to be registering under a false alias will have the account locked and IP address blocked.
14. Dormant accounts may be periodically removed from the site. Log in regularly to prevent your account from being removed.
15a. Account Funding is done via paypal, and can be used on a number of features throughout the website.
15b. Funding on the account cannot be refunded once completed
15c. Funding wins on the site may be refunded to the user if requested.
16. Photo orders are processed via a 3rd party
17. Additional features may be added to the site at any given time, without notification to all members.