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Lochgelly 8th and 9th June Preview
5th of June 2019

Hardie Race Promotions in association with Spedeworth Motorsports are proud to host a hat trick of European Championships in one fantastic weekend of racing!

The 2.0 Hot Rods have been in excellent form in 2019 on home soil and with almost 30 cars expected to take to the track, including BTCC star Aiden Moffat, there is going to be a lot of nail biting action on the tight Lochgelly Raceway track. The ATP / JP Fabrications European Championship is up for grabs, and World Champion Damo Wellman will lead the English charge and will be looking to add to the World Championship that he won here last year. Ryan Morgan and Alex Crane are two regular attendee’s to major events here at Lochgelly and will be looking to do there utmost to take the title back south of the border. At home, Jim Pitcaithly has been the in form driver and will start the race as one of the favourites for success. Come wet or dry conditions, Jim is capable of putting on a race winning performance. Kevin Stewart, John Campbell and Brian Wilson will all be doing there utmost to drive away with a title or two! A handful of drivers will make the trip across the Irish Sea to join us, with Stephen and Mervyn Emerson amongst the entries from Northern Ireland. On the Sunday, the 2.0 Hot Rods will race for the Open Scottish Championship.

The all action 1300 Stock Cars will be racing for the European Championship on the Saturday and the Open Scottish Championship on the Sunday, with both days looking set to be full of action with in excess of 30 cars booked into race. 2019 has been a good year for the formula at home, with no shortage of on track action. Craig Haxton and Danny Whyte have been the most successful, however, Zak Gilmour, Stewart Aitken, Patrick Calderwood and Eddie Corr have been in amongst the action and have taken numerous race wins between them this year already. A quartet of Morphey’s will make the trip north and are all no strangers to on track action, as well as success. Jamie McCann will be one of three drivers making the trip over from Ireland to join us this weekend. Sit back and enjoy as the 1300 Stock Cars put the bumper to great effect, providing a huge amount of on track entertainment!

The Rebel Racers will bounce there way around the raceway as they race for the European Championship away from Northampton for the first time in a number of years, with the Scottish Championship also being up for grabs on the Sunday. 27 drivers are booked to race in across the weekend, which is sure to provide on track excitement and a lot of great racing!

The support formula across the weekend is provided by the ever entertaining Ministox on the Saturday, with the Junior Productions and 2.0 Bangers joining us on Sunday.

Join us at Lochgelly Raceway this Saturday and Sunday for 2 excellent days of racing!

2.0 Hot Rods
2 Ryan Morgan
8 Damo Wellman
10 Chas Bain
11 Alex Crane
16 Gary Black
23 Ryan Adamson
26 John Campbell
35 Mitch Souter
66 Martin Heath
91 Jim Pitcaithly
133 Robert Gamble
155 Lee Pepper
217 Andrew Denholm
280 Luke Stonehouse
296 Michael Barber
323 Trevor Calvin
430 Aiden Moffat
610 Ryan Mackie
668 Kevin Stewart
696 Brian Wilson
743 Drew McKeown
899 Paul Carruthers
914 Allen Cherry
923 Stephen Emperson
924 Mervyn Emerson
928 David Leech
929 Cono Hughes
961 Michael Woods
970 Scott Cochrane

64 Marc Fortune (Sun)

1300 Stock Cars
10 Patrick Calderwood
17 Stuart Farrell (Sat)
20 Sandy Allen
22 Steven Gold
23 Lee Pearce
29 George Morphey
60 Jack Mayle
67 Craig Haxton
75 Michael Courts
78 Stewart Aitken
88 Jason Scopes
92 Charlie Morphey
97 Jamie McCann
100 Sean Naismith
110 Craig Connolly
111 Regan Watson
118 Corey Robertson
121 Luke Morphey
122 Zak Gilmour
124 Andrew Mathieson
126 Danny Whyte
129 Will Morphey
194 Robbie Wright
303 Jacob Bromley
654 Eddie Corr
700 Rory Naismith
710 Martin McCafferty
808 Bobby Gold
946 Fionn Donnelly
969 John Whyte

Rebel Racers
1 Ian Chalkey
8 Dave Morley
16 Reece Grinnell
20 Aj Davis
23 Mark Rodgers
29 Paul Martin
30 Rob Jones
31 Karl Emmett
38 Jay Tagg
40 Steve Fetherstone
44 Chris Watkiss
45 Alan Scothern
79 Jonny Kriv
80 Keith Murphy
81 Shay Murphy
91 Tony Smith
93 Andrew Bentley
131 Nicole Emmett
137 Paul Tagg
169 Ben Chalkey
191 Joshua Smith
238 Gary Tagg
369 Steve Boyd
375 Sean Gregory
452 Josh Spiers
475 Ryan Gregory
801 Steve Pritchard

50 Ross Lawrence
111 Koddi Wright
121 Maddison Gilmour
122 Kai Gilmour
128 Ciaran Adams
136 Charlie Henry
165 Jamie Dawson
172 Rian Mitchell
188 Jamie Stewart
199 Mitchell Gold
210 Aaron Richards
368 Charlie Santry
603 Brandon Morton
612 Jay Paterson
627 Barry Scott
684 Robbie Armit
688 Lauren Ford

2.0 Bangers
99 Lee Clarke
118 Kenneth Scollon
133 Lee Kopacz
134 Josh Heeps
159 Callum Campbell
180 Sean McConnachie
226 Brian Youngson
258 Philip Blowers
440 Pete McVay
880 Neil Naismith
883 Chris Thomson

Junior Productions
5 Jack Beresford
9 Amy Devine
11 Jenna Kirk
16 Evie Black
17 Dylan Smart
50 Leona Anderson
112 Chloe Baird
127 Lennon Grant
232 Harvey Sneddon
352 Koddi Wright
605 John Bremner
871 Jensen Bell

Provisonal Running Order
Provisional Race Format - Sat
Race 1 Rebels Racing Heat 1
Race 2 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 3 Ministox Heat 1
Race 4 Rebels Racing Heat 2
Race 5 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 6 1300 Stock Car European Championship
Race 7 Ministox Heat 2
Race 8 Rebels Heat 3
Race 9 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 3
Race 10 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 11 Rebels Racing European Championship
Race 12 Ministox Fife Championship
Race 13 2.0 Hot Rods European Championship
Race 14 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2

Provisional Race Format - Sun
Race 1 Rebels Racing Heat 1
Race 2 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 3 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 4 1300 Stock Cars Open Scottish Championship
Race 5 Bangers Heat 1
Race 6 Rebels Racing Heat 2
Race 7 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 8 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 9 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 10 Rebels Racing Heat 3
Race 11 Bangers Heat 2
Race 12 Junior Productions Final
Race 13 2.0 Hot Rods Open Scottish Championship
Race 14 Rebels Racing Scottish Championship
Race 15 Bangers Final into DD