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Lochgelly 11th May 2019
7th of May 2019

The time is now, this week we see a SPECIAL EVENT take place at Lochgelly Raceway, the 2019 staging of the Keir Millar Memorial Finale, and what a night it looks set to be. This is a meeting that is so close to so many peoples hearts, none moreso than the family of Keir Millar who will be with us this weekend. To start the day off with smiles, laughter and memories that will be cherished forever, we have for the first time in Scotland the staging of a PUSH CAR RACE! Yes, a PUSH car race where the adults / older children get to push there smaller brothers, sisters, cousins, friends around the track in a 1 lap race around the quarter mile raceway. Due to the HUGE popularity of the event, we have had to split them into 2 races with almost 70 teams entering the event!! The grand parade for the push car race will take place between 1530 and 1555 with the first of the 2 shootout races taking place at 1600!! We are also pleased to announce a guest starter for these races is that of Sharon Fisher, Keirs mum, it is an honour for us to allow Sharon to take part in this event. Ensure you are here sharp to witness this fun filled event!!

Following on from that, the serious racing will commence at 1700 as the Ministox race for the final of the Keir Millar Memorial Event with the winner being presented with the prestigious trophy that they all want to win. We have over 30 cars booked in for the Ministox so its going to be a lively event as it is the title that every driver will want to win. Scott Allardyce, Jamie Stewart, Ciaran Adams, Taylor Borthwick and Aaron Richards will likely start off as pre race favourites given the form that they have all started 2019 in, however, given the event and high stake emotions, anything can happen. Robbie Armit and Rian Mitchell have both started 2019 off in fine form however both are now starting a bit further back the grades so it will be interested to see how the final grid shapes up. Northern based driver Ross Lawrence will be hoping for some good fortune having struggled in the early part of the season for consistency, but will be hoping it all comes good for him this weekend. Following on from the Keir Millar race we will have a couple of heats and a final for the Ministox to round up there night. The Keir Millar Memorial Race will act as the meeting final for the meeting, with a 2/3 format being run for the remaining 3 races.

Along side the Ministox, we have the Ninja Karts, a formula that seen Keir crowned the first ever Scottish World Champion in the formula before he moved onto Ministox. We have over 30 Ninja Karts booked in as well with a couple of visitors from England. Bailey Millar will be wanting to win a few races given the occasion in remembering his cousin Keir. Bailey has already won the National and European Championship this season in what is turning out to be an excellent year for the youngster. Rachel Kidd has been ever consistent in the Ninja Karts and is a now established front runner across the UK and Ireland. This was backed up by scoring 3 out of 3 podium finishes last Saturday night here at Lochgelly Raceway whilst also scoring a 3rd place in the European Championship on Sunday at Aldershot. Charlie Hardie will be back out on track and looking to get a few more wins under his belt as he nears retirement age for the formula. Jack Baird was the superstar of last week, scooping a hat trick of race wins on the night – he’ll be hoping for more of the same results this weekend in front of a good crowd. Kaitlyn Smart has been in good form of late as well and will be looking to get a win under her belt soon. A slightly different format will be run for the Ninja Karts this weekend with a 3/4 race format to be used which will mean that there won’t be a whites and yellows race on the night.

The Bangers were always one of Keir’s favourite formula and it’s therefore one of the formula that we always have on at this weekend in the shape of the National Micro Bangers. There are currently 33 bangers booked in and ready to cause havoc around the raceway. A large number of drivers are making the trip from England to be with us this weekend and will be hoping go home afterwards having had a great meeting and a good few crashes!

The 1300 Stock Cars are in action and the likes of Patrick Calderwood and Stewart Aitken will be looking to continue there good vein of form. Sean Naismith will be back out in action in his car and will be looking to build on his progress in the formula so far! Zak Gilmour and Corey Robertson were in action at Ipswich last weekend for the British Championship meeting and both expect to be with us this weekend as they look to put on a show. Regan Watson has been out a few times this year now and has got quicker with each passing meeting. As well as becoming quicker he has also acquired a liking to using the front bumper!!

The final formula in action are the Junior Bangers – Many thanks to those making the trip to join us in what is a rare meeting for the formula here at Lochgelly Raceway.

Ensure you join us on Saturday 11th May to mark the occasion – It looks set to be one of the best meetings of the season so far!!

Booking Lists
National Micro Bangers
11 Gav Fletcher
13 Dean Sievwright
14 James Paton
27 Liam Glendinning
36 Ryan Burden
99 Lee Clarke
110 Jamie McKensie
118 Kenneth Scollon
127 Mark Boyle
133 Lee Kopacz
134 Josh Heeps
143 Brandon Womersley
159 Calum Campbell
164 Gary Mentiplay
209 Mark Morrison
224 Kevin Gumble
231 Callum Lamont
232 Ryan Fretter
246 Dylan Ward
265 Tamsin Gordon
274 Jon Taylor
374 Jake Carter
468 Declan Jackson
477 Jack Speirs
478 Craig Royal
478 Chris Speirs
479 Dale Jakubowski
566 Hamish Gilfillan
795 Derek Jamison
842 Barry Innes
883 Chris Thomson
901 Derek Wilson

21 Ethan Doul
28 Mirran Adams
50 Ross Lawrence
74 Jamie Sangster
111 Koddi Wright
121 Maddison Gilmour
122 Kai Gilmour
128 Ciaran Adams
136 Charlie Henry
142 Jake Wilson
165 Jamie Dawson
172 Rian Mitchell
178 Scott Allardyce
188 Jamie Stewart
199 Mitchell Gold
210 Aaron Richards
601 Logan Bruce
603 Brandon Morton
604 Ryan Borthwick
607 Declan Honeyman
612 Jay Paterson
621 Mika Millar
627 Barry Scott
629 Taylor Borthwick
645 Kyle Roberts
648 Robbie Hamilton
682 Max Walker *
684 Robbie Armit
688 Lauren Ford
927 Owen Robbins

Junior Bangers
14 Will Walmsley
33 Jacob Hampson
50 James Slater
90 Joey Holmes
274 Jamie Sangster
303 Morgan Hill
352 Koddi Wright
452 Harry Eyles
476 Freddie Speirs
800 Jacob Rushton

1300 Stock Cars
10 Patrick Calderwood
17 Stuart Farrell
22 Steven Gold
75 Michael Courts
76 Jamie Brown
78 Stewart Aitken
110 Craig Connelly
111 Regan Watson
118 Corey Robertson
122 Zak Gilmour*
126 Danny Whyte
654 Eddie Corr
710 Martin McCafferty

Ninja Karts
1 Charlie Hardie
6 Hamish Plenderleith
9 William Plenderleith
14 Demi Ritchie
27 Kayden Connor
31 James Stewart
45 Dougie Kidd
49 Connie Anderson
60 Bailey Millar
66 Neave McGill
73 Declan Dixon
74 Aiden Duffy
80 Alfie Hosey
112 Jack Baird
117 Caelan Grant
133 Kenzie Kopacz
145 Rachel Kidd
227 Jack Connor
272 Connor Frame
297 Lewis Linton
307 Lewis Dickson
475 Archie Spiers
562 Keiron Hay
591 Murray Hall
618 Stuart Shevill
636 Lewis Duffy
689 Abbie Carruthers
721 Kenzie Bell
809 Toby Tyson
878 Leeland Dearn
900 Kaitlyn Smart
901 Candice Smart

Provisional Running Order
Pre Meeting Practice - 1430-1530
Coupe Car Parade Lap - 1530
Coupe Car Race 1 - 1600
Coupe Car Race 2 - 1610
Ministox Parade Lap - 1625
Race 1 Ministox Keir Millar Finale
Race 2 Ninja Karts Heat 1 (A,B,C)
Race 3 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 4 Ministox Heat 1 (A,B)
Race 5 Ninja Karts Heat 2 (A,B,D)
Race 6 Junior Bangers Heat 1
Race 7 Micro Bangers Heat 1
Race 8 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 9 Ministox Heat 2 (A,C)
Race 10 Ninja Karts Heat 3 (A,C,D)
Race 11 Junior Bangers Heat 2
Race 12 Micro Bangers Heat 2
Race 13 1300 Stock Cars Final
Race 14 Ministox Heat 3 (B,C)
Race 15 Ninja Karts Heat 4 (B,C,D)
Race 16 Junior Bangers Final
Race 17 Micro Bangers Final
Race 18 Micro Bangers DD

Please Note - Running order is subject to change and is dependent on the number of cars appearing on the day.

Booking lists correct at time of publication.

For the latest information, visit our website at

We look forward to seeing you all at Lochgelly Raceway this coming Saturday as we remember Keir Millar in what looks set to be a spectacular race meeting.