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Saturday 4th May Preview
3rd of May 2019

We’re back at Lochgelly Raceway for another night of entertainment at Scotlands Premier Raceway!

It’s another 5 formula line up and it’s looking like a decent meeting with enough cars in all formula to provide good racing, and what’s more, the weather forecast is looking like its going to be nice to us and have some dry racing!

The Stock Rods are in action before they have a few weeks off of racing domestically. Stuart Bannatyne and Gary Nicholls are set to return to racing after missing a few meetings for varying reasons. Christopher Leslie also makes a return after missing out last weekend due to gearbox issues with the car. Darren McAlpine will be back at red grade after his double heat win last weekend and will be hoping for the car to show the same sort of pace that it has shown from blue in the last month after a disappointing start to the season by his standards. Siobhan Martin has been in excellent form so far this season, with a number of final wins already under her belt, she’ll be looking to continue that form this weekend, however, her long term competitor, Chris Lattka will be looking to put an end to that run! This week’s meeting final tyre is sponsored by Alan Cuthbert.

The Superstox look set to have there best turnout of the season, with Chris Cuthbert and Mark Dews returning to action this weekend. Chris Miller had a disastrous meeting last week after seeing his engine let go in the opening race, but is expected to be back out in action this weekend. Bryan Forrest has shown good speed and consistency in both dry and wet conditions and has certainly got to grips with his car this year already. Dean Johnston has potentially been the driver of the season so far however, after starting the season as a blue grade driver has stepped up to the red grade and has certainly held his own, even managing a couple of wins in the process. Dean isn’t afraid to mix it up and knows how to use the bumper and dispose of the opposition at the earliest opportunity as to not be held up for too long! European Champion Stuart Gilchrist is as yet unsure if he’ll make the racing due to work, but is hoping to be in attendance after missing a few meetings this season already. Adam Low has managed to get his Zetec powered car going good and has picked up a few race wins in the process, and is another driver who isn’t afraid of an on track battle! Allan Gibson hopes to make his first outing of the season.

The Junior Productions have seen a good increase in car numbers this season with more expected to join in the coming months. Last week 3 newcomers made there debut, Jensen Bell, Amy Devine and Leona Anderson, with Jensen having the most success after picking up a couple of podium finishes. All three were at mid week practice and seem to be progressing well and will no doubt all be up there soon battling for podium finishes. Jack Beresford and Koddi Wright currenty lead the way in the points, but with the likes of Dylan Smart and Chloe Baird gaining confidence on a week by week basis, the challenges for the wins are going to become more difficult.

The 2.0 Hot Rods have made a good start to the season and have provided some of the best non contact racing you’ll see. Good fields of cars have been pretty consistent throughout the season already and this weekend certainly looks to continue the trend. Jim Pitcaithly, Brian Wilson, Gerry Hendry will lead the charge for victories, however Kevin Stewart, Billy Bonnar and Chas Bain will be looking to challenge them and put up a good fight. There is very little between a lot of the drivers this year and as previous meetings have proved, this provides for excellent racing – Certainly a formula worth watching. With the cut off for the upcoming European Championship being on the 18th May, there is only a couple of meetings left for drivers to score points to secure the place in the ATP / JP Fabrications European Championship which will see BTCC star Aiden Moffat compete as a guest entry.

The Ninja Karts are in action for the first of 2 meetings in succession, and have another strong field of karts. The youngsters have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to the race format over a number of years, but this year they seem to be excelling themselves. Just under 30 karts are expected to be in attendance with around 20 karts in each race, the racing always keeps you on the edge of your seat! The likes of Rachel Kidd, Charlie Hardie, Bailey Millar and Toby Tyson will be hoping for a clean meeting with them, plus a few others travelling south to participate in the Ninja Kart European Championship at Aldershot on the Sunday.

Ensure you join us for what looks to be a good meeting here at Lochgelly Raceway!

Adults - £10
Concessions - £5
12-15yrs - £5
Under 12s GO FREE
Trackside Parking - £5 per vehicle.

Booking Lists

8 Chris Cuthbert
34 Campbell Scott
119 Aaron Riddell
144 Lewis Willacy
171 Mark Brady
172 Chris Miller
177 Stuart Gilchrist
178 Mark Dews
179 Derek Kilday
196 Allan Gibson
309 Bryan Forrest
446 Dean Johnston
453 Kenny McKenzie
611 Adam Low

Stock Rods
7 Andy Grant
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
40 Chris Leslie
46 Stewart Paterson
127 Jamie Bell
146 Ricky White
176 Gary Nicholls
194 John Lee Green
248 David Crichton
393 Stuart Bannatyne
658 Chris Lattka
721 Darren McAlpine
878 Chris Dearn

2.0 Hot Rods
10 Chas Bain
16 Gary Black
23 Ryan Adamson
26 Jock Campbell
91 Jim Pitcaithly
147 Gerry Hendry
217 Andrew Denholm
323 Trevor Calvin
610 Ryan Mackie
668 Kevin Stewart
696 Brian Wilson
844 Billy Bonnar *
888 Ger Wilson

Ninja Karts
1 Charlie Hardie
6 Hamish Plenderleith
9 William Plenderleith
14 Demi Ritchie
27 Kayden Connor
31 James Stewart
45 Dougie Kidd
49 Connie Anderson
60 Bailey Millar
66 Neave McGill
73 Declan Dixon
80 Alfie Hosey
112 Jack Baird
117 Caelan Grant
133 Kenzie Kopacz
145 Rachel Kidd
227 Jack Connor
272 Connor Frame
297 Lewis Linton
307 Lewis Dickson
388 Cole Ford
475 Archie Speirs
618 Stuart Shevill
721 Kenzie Bell
809 Toby Tyson
878 Leeland Dearn
888 Evie Ford
900 Kaitlyn Smart
901 Candice Smart

Junior Productions
5 Jack Beresford
9 Amy Devine
16 Evie Black
17 Dylan Smart
50 Leona Anderson
112 Chloe Baird
127 Lennon Grant
232 Harvey Sneddon
352 Koddi Wright
605 John Bremner
871 Jensen Bell

Provisional Running Order
Race 1 Ninja Karts White & Yellow
Race 2 Junior Productions Heat 1
Race 3 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 4 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 5 Superstox Heat 1
Race 6 Ninja Karts Heat 1
Race 7 Superstox Heat 1
Race 8 Junior Productions Heat 2
Race 9 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 10 2.0 Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 11 Ninja Karts Heat 2
Race 12 Superstox Heat 2
Race 13 Junior Productions Final
Race 14 Ninja Karts Heat 3
Race 15 Stock Rods Final
Race 16 2.0 Hot Rods Final
Race 17 Superstox Final