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HRP 9th March Preview
7th of March 2019

The Ninjas Are Ready To Battle
This coming Saturday will see the Stock Rods return to action for the 2nd week in succession; The non contact brigade always provide nail biting action here at Lochgelly Raceway, with highly competitive drivers across the grid. Chrissy Dearn dominated proceedings from the white grade in the heats last week before he was stuck with some form of technical issues which prevented him from participating in the meeting final in which Siobhan Martin took advantage of to take the first final win of the season. This weekend will see a Chrissy start from yellow grade where he may be more challenged for race victories but will no doubt enjoy the challenge, he’ll be hoping to make it out for the final this week though! Chris Lattka will be back out and looking to score a few more points, his work will be cut out though as a very strong field lies in front of him. Darren McAlpine and Jamie Bell will be out looking to pick up some good positions. Pete Honeyman and Gary Nicholls look set to make there first outing of 2019 and will want to get things off to a great start – both drivers are more than capable of scoring a good haul of points.

The CC Rods which were many peoples pick of the formula in 2018, make their debut for the 2019 season. Led by the likes of Ian Donaldson, David McFarlane and Craig Watson, close racing is always on the agenda with the CC Rods. David McFarlane had a great fight to the end for the points championship in 2018, and will be looking to have the same sort of form into this season. Ian Donaldson had one of his quieter seasons last year, but was still there or thereabouts when it came to race results, he’ll be looking for a bit more consistency this season and will be looking to kick of with a strong set of results on Saturday night. Brandon Gourlay has another nice new paint scheme on his car for this season, another driver who has shown potential in the class in recent years. Can Brandon make 2019 his year, and start off with a flurry?? Find out on Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway.

The 1300 Stock Cars are in action for the first time this season. It is hoped that 2019 will see an improvement in numbers for the formula compared to what was 2018. Early indications are good that a decent amount of cars should be in attendance regularly throughout the season. British Champion Paul Ford is booked in to be racing this week as it National Points Champion Andrew Mathieson. A couple of newcomers to the formula this season should bolster the numbers, including Dean Abercrombie and Rory Naismith, both of whom are due out this weekend. Further new drivers include Sean Naismith and Craigy Millar who will both be out in the near future. Whether there is 8 or 28 cars on track, the 1300 Stock Car drivers here at Lochgelly Raceway, always aim to put on a show.

The 2.0 Hot Rods are with us for the first time in 2019; a good number of cars have booked in for the opening meeting including newcomers to the formula, Trevor Calvin, Marc Fortune and Ger Wilson, all of whom have years of racing experience behind them and are all more than capable of competing for championships as the year progresses. Returnee’s to the formula include Gary Black and Paul Carruthers who both participated in 2018, but will be hoping to participate in a few more meetings in 2019. Gerry Hendry will be looking to continue the form that he was in during 2018, a season that can be looked back upon as his best to date, Gerry will be looking to add some silverware to his haul in 2019 after coming close a couple of times last year. Billy Bonnar, the reigning Scottish Champion and Track Champion will be looking to kick off his season with a good haul of point as he looks to retain his titles he won in 2018. Kevin Stewart brought out a new car towards the tail end of the 2018 season and seemed to get it on the pace quickly, he’ll be looking to continue in good form tonight and throughout the season. Jim Pitcaithly joined the formula last year and quickly got up to speed before his season was hampered with some damage. Jim is back out for 2019 and the former ORCi Stock Rod champion will be hoping to be in the top points scoring positions through the season. John Campbell, another driver who has shown great speed in the past will be balancing his activities this year with competing with the Classic Hot Rod. Andrew Denholm, Ryan Adamson and Colin Wotherspoon will all be looking to start the 2019 campaign off in style – one thing for sure is the class certainly has a strong calibre of driver in its rank, and each of them are capable of winning some silverware.

Finally, the Ninja Karts are our fifth formula in action and over 20 karts are booked in for the opening event. With a number now having moved onto more senior formula, there place on the grid has been quickly re-occupied with a number of novices entering the formula. Bailey Millar and Charlie Hardie are the two most experienced drivers on the grid now, with both finishing up in the formula throughout 2019. Rachel Kidd and Demi Ritchie will be the two looking to challenge Bailey and Charlie, though, some of the newcomers to the formula may find there feet quickly and be looking to get up the grades quickly. The Ninja Karts here at HRP Lochgelly Raceway are full of talented drivers, with each of them showing great maturity and sportsmanship on track, it’s a pleasure to watch them fly around the oval with such great control.

Join us at Lochgelly Raceway from 6pm, Saturday 9th March!


Provisional Running Order
Pre Meeting Practice 1530-1630
Race 1 Ninja Karts W&Y
Race 2 CC Rods Heat 1
Race 3 Stock Rods Heat 1
Race 4 Ninja Karts Heat 1
Race 5 2L Hot Rods Heat 1
Race 6 1300 Stock Cars Heat 1
Race 7 CC Rods Heat 2
Race 8 Ninja Karts Heat 2
Race 9 Stock Rods Heat 2
Race 10 2L Hot Rods Heat 2
Race 11 1300 Stock Cars Heat 2
Race 12 Ninja Karts Heat 3
Race 13 CC Rods Final
Race 14 Stock Rods Final
Race 15 2L Hot Rods Final
Race 16 1300 Stock Car Final

Booking Lists
1300 Stock Cars
10 Patrick Calderwood
16 Dean Abercrombie
17 Stuart Farrell
48 Craig Oliver
101 Rory Naismith
111 Regan Watson
118 Corey Robertson
122 Zak Gilmour
124 Andrew Mathieson
126 Danny Whyte
388 Paul Ford
654 Eddie Corr*
710 Martin McCafferty

2.0 Hot Rods
9 Colin Wotherspoon
16 Gary Black
23 Ryan Adamson
26 Jock Campbell
64 Marc Fortune
91 Jim Pitcaithly
147 Gerry Hendry
217 Andrew Denholm
323 Trevor Calvin
610 Ryan Mackie
668 Kevin Stewart
888 Ger Wilson
899 Paul Carruthers*

CC Rods
3 Davie McFarlane
13 Shane Allen
69 Graham Campbell
113 Darren MacDonald
267 Lee Wotherspoon
518 Daniel McDonald
671 Brandon Gourlay
679 Craig Watson
696 Brian Wilson
700 Ian Donaldson
878 Ian Hotchkies

Stock Rods
25 Siobhan Martin
27 Gary Dean
40 Christopher Leslie
46 Stewart Patersom
52 Alan Cuthbert
123 Craig Tosh*
127 Jamie Bell
176 Gary Nicholls
194 John Lee Green
248 David Crichton
467 Pete Honeyman
557 Jock McEwan
658 Chris Lattka
721 Darren McAlpine
878 Chrissy Dearn

Ninja Karts
1 Charlie Hardie
9 William Plenderleith
14 Demi Ritchie
45 Dougie Kidd Jnr
49 Connie Anderson
60 Bailey Millar
66 Neave McGill
73 Declan Dixon
74 Aiden Duffy
117 Caelan Grant
145 Rachel Kidd
307 Lewis Dickson
388 Cole Ford
562 Kieran Hay
618 Stuart Shevill
636 Lewis Duffy
689 Abbie Carruthers
721 Kenzie Bell
809 Toby Tyson
878 Leeland Dearn
888 Evie Ford